If you don’t challenge your muscles they lose muscle (atrophy) at a rate of approximately half pound a year. That adds up to 5 pounds a decade of muscle loss, and some people can lose more than that. Your weight may stay the same (it usually doesn’t), but your body composition will change to  more fat and less muscle at the same weight as you age. Because of its ability to burn calories, every pound of muscle that you lose is a loss of a valuable asset in the war to keep your metabolism strong.

Don’t be put off by the term “weight training.” Weight training is essentially resistance training, which simply means you are using some kind of significant resistance to stress and challenge your muscles. That resistance can come in the form of weights, machines, rubber bands, TRX or even your own body weight (push-ups or squats, for example). You can use dumbbells, small hand weights or even improvised resistance tools like jugs of water.

My point is: Do some form of resistance training or weights. Resistance or weight training gives you the tools to burn calories while you’re sedentary. You need to train your body to be efficient at calorie burning for the 23 hours a day when you’re not in the gym. You don’t have to pump serious iron to enjoy the benefits of weight training. You can use hand weights, resistance bands, body weight or weight machines. The good thing is weight training can start at any age above 13 and at any level! Key points are to start slow with light weight, high reps over 10, move the weight slowly at the 3-5 count up and down and be sure to breathe deeply. I highly recommend using out hybrid fitness system that gives you the proper training in your first session to create success.

Good luck and if you made it this far, you’re on the right track already to a new vibrant lifestyle.