The dated question is which workout is best wights or body weight workouts? The fact you are doing anything is good news, but what is more efficient ? Either way, did you know that Americans lose on average more than five to six pounds of lean muscle mass for each decade of life? Some researchers estimate that our metabolic rate decreases about six percent each decade after the age of 21, which can mostly be attributed to a natural decrease in muscle mass. Stressing your body with a heavy load can it stronger, whether that load is a dumbbell, weights on a machine or your very own body. A high number of studies have  shown that building lean muscle mass is a great way to amp up your metabolism but is great for your heart, blood vessels, hormone production and brain activity.

So which is best, well look at what is more convenient. One objection to body weight training for strength is that you are ultimately limited by your own weight. You could conceivably continue to infinitely add weight to the bar in the bench press. Even if you do master a planche push-up, however, you are still only lifting your own body. The choice then depends on your goals. If maximal strength in the bench press is your goal, as it would be for a power lifter, then weight training should be your primary method. If you are interested in more general performance or in enhancing your ability to move your body through space, then body weight training is adequate.

Personally I think a combination of the two is best and this is how I personally train, either be using both methods in the same workout or cycle the bodyweight and free weights from workout to workout.