So you see the doughnut, and you have to have it – right! Come on how can resist. Your mouth is watering, and the eyes are dilating, this doughnut so beautiful, with all the artificial coloring sprinkles, succulent artery-clogging fats, and the exquisite empty calorie insulin spiking sugar.
It’s now mandatory your mind has to have it because it knows it’s going to get a rush of serotonin and dopamine. Remember serotonin and dopamine are the feel-good chemicals the brain releases. Now when we starting eating, we get the initial high that is very similar to the high drug addicts get and after the “INITIAL HIGH” our bodies crave more sugar to reach the high again.

Something else is happening as we eat the donut, Your insulin spikes to regulate your blood sugar. Once the insulin has does its job, your blood sugar drops again, and this means you’ve just experienced the dreaded “sugar rush,” and then after this drastic drop, you’re left feeling drained and needing more, so what happens?

So the cycle continues unless you break it. There are systems to help you break this cycle and change this behavior. Please contact Coach Typhoon Tommy Nuttall if you’re serious about making that change.